field coil





Ahhhh.... the lovely sound of vinyl. That single groove holds so much beauty we feel obligated to do whatever we can do to retrieve it. Vinyl is another situation where we greatly respect the work of the people who have tread before us. Ultimatly, goals in audio have changed in the past 50 years and Vinyl is one instance where we can take some design liberties since to quote our friend JC, "It's about the music stupid".


We have found that designing the correction network around the circuits that sound best gives the listener a huge leap in musical satisfaction. The first LCR units adhered to the 600 ohm broadcast standard. Later on several 10K units showed up on the market and the issues involved immediately became clear to us.

The simple truth is that the capacitors have the most impact on the flavor of the sound and the linearity of the inductors has the greatest impact on the accuracy of the riaa correction. Resistor choice also plays a role here making a finished off the shelf LCR network something left for the masses.

Our experiences have lead us to designing around the odd impedance of a 7320 ohm for our personal use. It allows the cap values of .4 and .01 to be easily selected, matched and implemented. If the low impedance (circa 600R) approach is desired, again we simply suggest finding the capacitors with a flavor you like and the following circuit is easy to customize around your desired cap values.




Thank you to the giants whose shoulders we stand upon.