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Ahhhh.... the lovely sound of vinyl. That single groove holds so much beauty we feel obligated to do whatever we can do to retrieve it. Vinyl is another situation where we greatly respect the work of the people who have tread before us. Ultimatly, goals in audio have changed in the past 50 years and Vinyl is one instance where we can take some design liberties since to quote our friend JC, "It's about the music stupid".



If you want shiny audio jewelry, boy have you come to the wrong place. We have taken a staunch "no bling" platform and if you feel the need for a big polished aluminum chassis to impress your friends, you really need to get some new friends. The goal of our minimalist design is to put emphasis on the most important thing and as JC says, "It's about the music, stupid!" In all honesty we are secretly into bling but we put it where it counts.... on the inside.


Emia MC Step-Up Transformer

We listen. When we design a product, we are responding to what we hear. If you are confident enough to make your own decisions based on what you hear, you can go a lot of interesting places.

In our investigations into MC step up transformers, we discovered that relying on the standard 47k input of your phono to define the load of your cartridge is misguided. The science says so. Listening confirms the physics, and the physics does not lie. We made a (technical and boring) blog post on this. Go here if you would like to read it… or maybe just read this Stereophile article with an example of an application.

Email us with your cartridge and phono information. We would be happy to custom wind the appropriate transformer for you in either copper or .9999 pure silver.



$2400 copper

$4200 silver

Winding Wire Type
Cartridge and desired Step-Up



MC Trio


The MC Trio is a shielded enclosure that will accept three inputs and route them to a single output for ease of using multiple tonearms and cartridges. This unit will house three pair of discrete step-up transformers which can be tailored to specific cartridge needs. A mono switch allows for the routing of a single input to a stereo system and all switching is done with sealed mercury wetted relays. The wide range of possible configurations makes pricing based on the configuration required so please Email us to discuss your needs.


Emia LR Phono

The EMIA LR Phono Corrector uses a capacitorless RIAA filter consisting of only Dave's permalloy inductors and Vishay nude resistors. The circuit is simple and direct coupled circuit with permalloy output transformers. Beta units are in the field now so please contact us if you would like to be added to the queue.


Coming Soon

Strain Gauge Phono

Field Coil MC cartridge



Thank you to the giants whose shoulders we stand upon.