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Our goal in circuit design is to step outside the box and look at the vast world around us. From vintage Western Electric to modern circuit boards we have experience with it all. We design for a need and understand that in audio everything has its place. We simply adhere to the belief in using the best part for the job and could care less if that part is vintage, modern, inexpensive or made from unobtainium.



If you want shiny audio jewelry, boy have you come to the wrong place. We have taken a staunch "no bling" platform and if you feel the need for a big polished aluminum chassis to impress your friends, you really need to get some new friends. The goal of our minimalist design is to put emphasis on the most important thing and as JC says, "It's about the music, stupid!" In all honesty we are secretly into bling but we put it where it counts.... on the inside.



Come on people, resistive attenuators are so last century. Real systems use inductive volume controls. It started with Western Electric, Luxman did it in the 70's and the concept moved onto the Silver Rock. Flash forward a decade+ and the same concept is still making music for the masses. The Dick Olsher review shows how you can box these things up if you are DIY or you can pony up and get something that matches your Emia Phono. If you won't take our word that they sound awesome and need some rational thinking more info is here. If you are still not convinced, Arthur Salvatore (who invented the Bolero test) considers the Emia Manual atteunator the only passive worthy of a class A rating.


The Manual Autoformer

This represents an affordable Turn-Key entry into the world of autoformer attenuation. It offers two inputs and parallel outputs and is a dual mono design. Each of the 23 steps is 2.5dB which allows a maximum of 52.5dB of total attenuation. The toggle allows for input selection and the knob in the center is a balance control that allows a shift left or right in 1.25dB increments.


The Remote Autoformer

If you are too lazy to get out of that comfy listening chair we have the perfect solution for you in the form of a remote autoformer attenuator. These units provide seamless control from +7dB to -53dB in 1 dB steps. As an added bonus, there is penalty free balance control in 1dB increments. If you really want to gild the lilly, both the remote and manual are available with .9999 pure silver wound autoformers. The remote units use the same autoformer design as the manual units and have three inputs and parallel outputs. To get a third party viewpoint on the remote units please check out Jack Roberts Dagogo review.


The Elmaformer

This version eschews the relays and the remote for direct integration to a 47 position Swiss made Elma switch. It offers discrete steps from -51.25dB of attenuation to +5dB of gain in 1.25dB increments. A simple toggle allows for ease of switching between the three inputs. Parallel outputs to drive a sub round out the picture.






Thank you to the giants whose shoulders we stand upon.