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Along with all of the other ancient technologies we love, horn loaded drivers get us excited. OK, we admit that makes us geeks but we wear our geekiness as a badge of honour. From vintage to modern, we have built and listened to just about every possible combination of drivers and horn types and understand that each combination has its application. Our value comes from experience and our unique ability to consider all of the engineering and design aspects from the voice coil to the room and from the smallest horns to the largest.

From the ground up.

A horn is an acoustical transformer that takes a small high pressure wavefront and converts it to a large low pressure wave to fill a room with music. The two critical areas of a horn are the transition from the driver to the horn and the transition from the horn to the room. We address the transition from the driver to the horn by simply building the appropriate flare rate into the compression driver. This allows for a seamless transition and allows the waveforms to propagate without discontinuities. The transition from the horn mouth to the room is another critical area of horn design. One of the modern day giants we owe a debt of gratitude to is Jean-Michel LeCleac'h. He championed a different way to look at horns and came up with his own flare rate that takes into account the impedance transfer from the mouth of the horn into the room. Thank you, Jean-Michel...



150 Hertz horn with cast bronze throat and electrodynamic compression driver




complete four way system designed for Wheel Fi




custom installation of 16 Hertz concrete basshorn

(nearly complete horn mold shown - throat on left, mouth on right)








Thank you to the giants whose shoulders we stand upon.